Victorville, CA


“Here are the three simple rules
to keep your family safe”

Renowned law enforcement teacher, Dave Young
(filmed in Dave’s home in Fayetteville, NC as he’s heading
out the door for the July 4th weekend)

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Every 45 seconds in America a violent crime happens.  You see it everyday in the news. There are violent assaults, shootings, mass shootings, home invasions and child abductions.  When these bad things happen, you need to follow these three simple rules.

1. Have a family safety plan

Would your family know what to do if there was a mall shooting, home invasion or assault in a parking lot?

2. Have a child safety protocol for your child

If your child went missing in the mall, would you know what to do and would your child know what to do?

3.  Train with your family so they can act effectively when bad things happen

Having a plan is important but more important is practicing the plan.

Dave Young is a renowned law enforcement teacher that trains thousands of law enforcement officers a year on defensive tactics. He has seen the violence that is on the streets and is an expert on how to deal with violent encounters.  Now, he is using his expertise to educate families to be safe in our ever changing and dangerous world.

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